Our Blog Site

Our blog site is dedicated to arts and its many facets of literature and online writing. Now this is a huge area with almost unlimited angles to cover. But we have set out to do so and our band of dedicated bloggers and researchers are definitely doing a great job of it as any visitor to our site will testify.

Here is a snapshot of us and our blog site.

Arts have many facets – both visual and performing arts – but our focus is primarily on the written arts. Literature too is also wide in scale and scope and we try to cover as much as possible. Our blogs will have reviews of the latest publications as well as in-depth analysis of great works in literature. We will have write-ups on coffee table books that bring various facets of the world to the reader. In this online age of reading apps and online books, it is our endeavor to bring forth the traditional concept of reading for our visitors.

Online writing too is fast emerging as a very rewarding and lucrative career option but very few people are aware of its great potential and demand. Through our blog site we hope to set it right. We will have blogs that will guide our readers on how to get started, references that will help readers research on how to write well and most importantly how to organise the work.

To make our blog site more interesting and interactive, we accept guest posts from bloggers who are interested in literature and online writing. There is no limit to the topics that can be covered provided it is relevant to our niche. For example, freelance writers can share their experiences with our readers on how they started off in this field, the hurdles they faced and how they got over it in the long run and built a successful career. These insights will surely be of great interest to all.

Write-ups sent to us can have infographics, photos and images to back up text. Our only stipulation is that all contributions should be original unpublished pieces. We will inform by email once they are posted on our site.