A Guide to Online Freelance Writing – How to get started

If you can make it big as an online freelance writer, the opportunities are almost limitless and very rewarding. You can actually make a living out of it. Most importantly, you can be a success no matter where you are in the world. It is also ideal for those who want to switch from a regular 9-6 job and strike a better home-work balance.

But before starting off, there are a lot of questions that need to be answered. What does it take to get started? Do you need any formal training to start off as a freelance writer? All your questions are answered in this guide on how you can get started on a freelance writing job.

Research on the various aspects of freelance writing

When you become a freelance writer, you have to do tons of online research anyway. So the time to start is now! Search online for other freelance writers and read their blogs. Evaluate how they structure the titles, follow it up with the body of the blog and finally draw the conclusion. Getting this sequence right is very crucial.

In the beginning, you will have no clue as to how to fix your rates. Get in touch with other writers, email them and ask questions. They will only be too glad to help you out. Look for sites that offer tips on freelance writing and go through them thoroughly.

Be familiar with tools and skills required

It is true that you do not need any prior experience to get started in this field but it pays to pick up a few skills and tools initially that is necessary for this work.

The first is of course blogging skills where there is a lot to be learned. You have to know how to hold on to the attention of your reader through title and the introduction, how to create sub-headings and white space. You should know how to back up your writings through authentic and credible sources of information.

The next is organisational skills and this is in no way less important than the writing part. It will be necessary to keep a track of all your projects, client information, billing information, and scheduling of your blog and your clients’ blogs. You have to organise the writing part too. This includes outlining your blog post and steps taken to gather research materials.

Do not be informal about it. It is recommended that you keep all these points in writing and well documented.

Create a work portfolio

Most ads for freelance work that you apply for will ask for previous samples of your writing. Hence it is essential that you build up a portfolio of your work over time. You will not have samples if you are just starting off but you have to create them temporarily. Draft a few write-ups and upload them on Google Doc. Another way is to go for Guest Posting on sites that accept guest writers. Once you get posted there you can show your prospective clients that link to prove how good you are.

There is more to starting off on a freelance writing career than these guidelines. But these should give you the necessary push in that direction.